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Scripting * Video Production * Photography * Presentation Graphics


Once onsite, the creative development and execution continues.  Our team is highly skilled at delivering:


Scripting - Executive speeches/presentations, last minute updates & video production support  are just some of the areas our writers can support your program onsite.


Video Production -  Our video production team has extensive experience working under the pressure of a live event.  For example, attendee interviews can be, shot, edited and ready to play during the program - a highly effective and timely way to end a session or begin a new one.  


Our team has perfected the art of the Candids Video - capturing the novel “moments” with the attendees (and creating a few along the way), while using the latest editing techniques to mold the content into a fun, motivational recap video.  Candids Videos have proven to be a great way of closing the program. The footage can also be repurposed after the event for archiving, follow-up communications, etc.  


Photography - Our Photographers can capture everything from posed headshots of arrivals to "grip and grins" during the Awards ceremonies, to those unique one-of-a-kind memories that will only happen at your program.  


Presentation Graphics – Effective presentations start with good structure but come to life with exceptional design.  Our Designers are highly skilled in all aspects of graphics production and presentation design.   And always with a complete understanding of your brand requirements.  



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