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AV * Lighting * Staging * Decor


One of our most important roles is to understand how to interpret your needs through the ever-growing complexities of the tech package. Microphones, speakers, projectors, screens, switchers, moving lights, special effects, scenic elements, staging and decor.


A significant amount of time and effort will be spent during the pre-event stage to interpret your needs into a tech package that strikes the right balance between design and flexibility - quality and cost.


Our staging, scenic and decor team have been transforming ballrooms and other indoor and outdoor spaces into audience adventures for over 30 years.  All are brought to life by our lighting designers with a complete understanding of the latest in lighting technologies.  


Once the plans are set, scripts are written and the first cue is called, a well designed AV, Lighting, Staging & Decor package is essential to bringing your show elements to life and fulfilling the promise of your program.

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